Tuesday, January 31, 2006


On a field visit on work, I was visiting few farmers in Kittur region of Karnataka with scientists from Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) and my colleague Manjunath. So, we met this elderly gentleman whose lived 64 summers called Mutagatti. He's retired (doesnt look though) and still continues to work with farmers, guiding and encouraging them with know-how.

We were by the sugarcane field and Manjunathanna pulled out a sugarcane by the hand, broke it by his knee (even i did. The sugarcane, not my knee ;) )

I slowly start to peel of the hard outer covering of the sugarcane and there I see the elderly gentleman who's way ahead of Manjunath, the others and me... (looking at his strong teeth and the way he was eating the sugarcane, my teeth were almost falling off!) who finished the stuff before we could muster even half. Mighty teeth!

Amazing he was/is. He says, " When my father was 90 he could do it and am only 64. With generations.... the strength drops"

The point he tried to make was with generations, one has feeble, brittle teeth.

Dentures save us!


Dewaker Basnet said...

fit for a toothpaste ad ha:)
great generations they were!!!
greater we are;) to differnt respects though!!!

Suyog said...

Whoa ! Talk about sugarcanes and all i can remember is as a kid, when i could sit and chew on sugarcanes.

Today, i need to run around to see if someone could extract the juice. And i could happily sit and drink.

Talk about convenience in eating in this day and age !