Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Miracle Man

He’s no magician. He doesn’t produce ashes out of thin air. He does not have a huge fan following.

He is 100 years old

Does not wear seeing aid or hearing aid

Talks for couple of hours

Reads some more

Even walks for a while

Sleeps sparse

No bloodpressure. No diabetes.

No Alzheimer’s. No doctors.

Washed his clothes till he was 95

Went to his farm till he turned 99

( He founded one of the largest business empires, one of the best known in this side of Karnataka).

What else is this if not a miracle...

He’s Mr. Bindu Anand Rao Desai. Aka B. A. Desai

Ajja (grandfather), as I call him.

I'd gone to visit him recently with my sis and b-i-l and it was heartening and humbling to see him and be with him. He hasnt changed much from what I remember of seeing him since I was a kid. Just that he is less deft.

Ajja talked about how he'd lived his life. And how he went to Bombay to do business. He would comfortable expense an entire day with two rupees. He talked about the does of 'bara annas'. He said casteism wasn't around in the early 1900's... but got worse later. He's lived one helluva life! and continues to do so. A life of SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING.

Words of wisdom from ajja:

He says, smiling, hands clasped, his face with the radiant glow of a life lived with integrity:

“So u think, so you are. Remember this always. Thought is the mother of action”

PS: His ever-smiling face is a miracle too.

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jive said...

would love to meet him someday :)