Saturday, December 03, 2005

daily wage earners

This has occured to me for the third time this week. And Providence is surely telling me something I need to take note of.

I've read about this once on a friend's blog, conversed about it with dad when he saw this veggie vendor on our drive to work and said they truly have a judgement day each day. And then, i read about it again today. My favorite columnist, Subroto Bagchi, in his friday cloumn- Times of Mind, wrote about daily wage earners (must read his columns are!) and what risky lives they live.

Seriously, imagine.... working each day as if it were ur last. Working to sustain basic needs, than weave castle-eyed dreams of fame n name. (Oh! what a shame).

We have all we need. More than what we need. And yet.... we're drawn into the entanglement of want and desire...

Surely, as Anju says, and i quote her here (she's referring to fishermen in their boats she'd seen in the sea while she was on one too) -

"perhaps we all need to be in his place for atleast a day in our lives.
to realise what fear is.
to revel in solitude.
to learn to hope.
to be the first to catch sunrise or sunset from close-quarters. "

May be, only if each day's work fructified at the set of twilight, we'd work more harder and give it all we got in us. There would be no procrastination and no lethargy, in saving for another day... what might have been fuelled this day.

Perhaps we would be more real.

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