Tuesday, November 22, 2005

where have they gone...and why!

looking at that canopied road through the window, i see those strolls i took on the lane by my home. it used to be a walk of hi's and hellos....how r u's and those long chats one has with neighbourhood pals...

at other (special) occasions... the ganapati festival was a time when we all got together brewed a dance or skit, played a game or two. sang and danced till two... the new year parties were freaking times with bon fire and all... diwali came by with its calories and savories... to say the least.

when i take that stroll today, Prasanna's in the U.S working with Ford after his M.S there. His sister Renu is in Bangalore doing her M.B.A. Ridima just went to Bombay to do her undergrad in mass com. her brother Manik, is in Gurgaon doing M.B.A. Both her cousins, Ashutosh and Vishal are working in Delhi and Bangalore respectively.

we talk of brain-drain to the U.S. but i have seen it here. in my very own backyard...

and i ask myself... where have they gone? and why?

then i know... what will they do here, unless they decide to be second generation entrepreneurs, not many would choose that over the opportunities of the service-economy the world has evolutionised to be in.

like we say the rich grow richer, the metros in India grow & develop... and that is the call of Urbanisation and bright young lads thronging for fierce challenges, fun n frolic n a fast-paced life... move like atoms in the orbit to higher levels of income, better infrastructure for entertainment... n that much more independence....

now i ask myself... will they ever come back??

ps: unmentioned go the girls who got married and had to move base and change their surnames too.


Apoorv Gawde said...

I so agree with you !! A friend of mine went to the US to study recently, and that left me wondering on similar lines too, She of course said she would never settle there.
But I see around me people craving for an opportunity to go abroad. Something that I never understand nor wish to understand. Glad you share my opinion as well.

Simi said...

"dont worry or fret, fainthearted, the chances have just begun. for the best jobs haven't been started the best work hasnt been done"

true. we are fainthearted. there is so much to do here and now. just unfathomable... what we can do for OUR people, for OUR country!!!