Wednesday, November 09, 2005

an ode to my sister

this morning i received a hand-written letter from my sister.
i was touched.
so, here goes a poem iv written for her (become a compulsive computer person. have forgotten to write with pen and paper. my hands only jarr into the keybords. they cant write no more)pardon me o' sister divine. cos i emailed this to u.
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the finest lady.
embodiment of care, maturity, precision and grace.
here she comes, sister o'mine.

she IS the way to everyone's heart.
cos she cooks food to perfection.
its her art and she knows its alchemy.
the pricest ingredients she has copyright to are her love and passion.

mane like lioness, grace like an angel
lips like strawberries, eyes like grapes, complexion like milk. teeth like pomegranate.
mind-like a garden
heart-pure as gold

she is the life of her life
and sister of a brat
also the sister of 'gentleman kid-bro aka puttu'
she is one of her kind. and there can be none like her. never. ever.
scoot down memory lane. stop. its childhood.
irritate. is wat i did to her.
pest. is what i was to her.
fight we did.
repelled we did. like magnets.

scoot. look back. its adulthood.
of 100 friends, she wished me best.
of 100 worries she helped me out.
she held my ever meandering hand. stood by me. stood tall and strong.

come here. now.
we are still magnets. but we dont repel. we attract.
she is my sister.
she is my mirror. i look into the mirror-with all the happiness, all the tears, the pain and the shame.
she is my voice. she is my song.
my heart happens to be very small.
and in its small space, her place there is forever.

blessed i'am.
kneel i do, oh lord-keep for her life's best.
fortitude for times tough and rough.
make every wish her reality
make every dream her accomplishment.

scoot. go far flung.
we will be together till the end of life.
we'll be parents and grandparents.we'll share life's chapters.
we've grown as kids, we'll grow senile.
till the end. and after it.


Anonymous said...

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anushruti said...

These words touch my heart and reach out to my soul! Thanks for this my sweet sister.