Sunday, November 27, 2005

few things i want to do before i die

a quote i read, got me to jot few things i want to do/ have/ accomplish/ be.... before i leave...

the quote reads-

"make a list of 25 things that you want to do before you die. and keep it with you, wherever you go" author unknown
here goes my shot at it-- extremely utopian...
  1. farmhouse abode by a riverside with my music, books. where id till the earth organically.
  2. travel n explore the length n breadth of my marvellous country!
  3. drive down peninsular india, basking-in the seaside roads, gushing in waves of delight
  4. wake-up at 6 every morning
  5. go to vrindavan, the birth place of lord krishna
  6. sit by a river one whole day, just watching it in a mountainous landscape. a book for company would be perfect
  7. adventure sports of land sky n sea... m leaving out space!
  8. social entrepreneur
  9. always be there for my inner-circle
  10. film few documentary
  11. write travelogues
  12. learn to play a musical instrument
  13. do my bit to educate kids in my country
  14. keep my parents n siblings happy
  15. make candles n bake
  16. grow younger each year

to be continued......

ps: am far removed from all of the above right now.... but, am fast reaching there. very close to atleast a few things... if not all.


think about it later said...

must make a list of things to do while i am alive

Okie Lady from USA said...

I took over the raising of my siblings after my mother died. I was eleven, they were ten and four. Thirty-seven years later, I know one thing for certain: I do not possess the power to keep them happy.

There came a time when the both of them had to take responsibility for their own happiness. I do whatever I can to foster their happiness, but not at the expense of my own, and there have been times when I had to make such choices.

You cannot keep your parents and siblings happy. Be true to your authentic self, and that will go as far as possible toward that goal. I see you are doing that, already. I'm certain that they're very proud of you!

Prashanth Manikyarajaiah said...

thts a nice idea of making a list!!

and the 16th one -- grow younger each year lol...