Saturday, July 31, 2004

Moment of the day.

The reverberation at the door brings me to the realm of having to wake up. I quickly jump to my feet, attend to the door and pick up the newspapers at the door. I look outside the nine- feet window- it’s a damp morning again. The coastal spell has cast rains for every minute of the day and night. At the backdrop of enormous new-fangled BPO edifices at the rear and the swimming pool in front of me, I’ve caught my moment of the day.

I hear a young sniveling- whiner's cranky voice… ‘dada… no dada… ’.
Right. The kid was reluctant to learn swimming. And daddy was enduring his Sunday morning away. Must have been bliss for him I thought, being in the water than in a gridlock in the mad race weekdays of getting to workplace. Must have been easing his nerves! While I smiled to myself the duo watered on…

I put on the radio, make myself coffee and pick up the book I was reading (nearing completion. Would finish it and the feeling would be good!) I look out my window and placidly smile. The duo is still watering… only different that the girl is now enjoying being in the water, faltering yet willing to swim and taking- in the surrendering-Sunday morning of daddy dearest.

Sweet yonder years have brought me to where i'am- a timewarp.
Feed on the little moments.


Divya said...

This is a fanatastic piece of writing!
love the thoughts, the process and the writing.

maskey said...

i could be a better commentor if understood every word
but i dont have a dictionary
was the father and daughter swimming in the ditch or does your house overlook a pool