Monday, August 08, 2005

Shallow Sea...

Look back at the Bombay floods and you will see the numerous issues raked by the merciless waters invading every home it could..
But this is what it revealed to me:

The apathy of those in power to deliver to the public: well. this is an issue in debate for decades. We forever blame them conscience-less beings. We pay taxes. They gobble it all up fat asses.
Slums, poverty, pathetic infrastructure remain....

And funny how, we: CITIZENS ( amuses me we call ourselves that!! that we are only by the virtue of inhabiting this country) suffer in silence and dont rage in protest of sinners. We dont express our strife in any form, which is what gives those in power all the leeway to rape us of a DECENT publiv life.

We need a VOICE to scream that you better do your job, like we do ours!
We need a conscientous community of politicians and citizens...
We need to UNDERSTAND what we are doing to our country and to ourselves

I sometimes wonder what we all can stand up for as a nation today? Half a centure ago, our forefathers valued and respected what we today take for granted - FREEDOM.
Can we stand for issues that grapple the bleak future of a country with diverse and versatile culture like ours?
We cant look beyond ourselves, today. We are drowning in a shallow sea of the SELF.


Anonymous said...
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jive said...

very well written ! cheers !